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  • Thursday, August 28, 2008

    MPW Chaos

    I was editing my film for my Malaysian Studies project... Somehow I have this weird feeling...

    Transferring the clips from my camera to the PC - 2 hours.

    Converting both clips into a suitable format - 1 hour.

    Segregate the different segments into various parts - 1 hour.

    Begin scratching my head, nose, ear and ass while editing the video, seeking sources from the internet & old files - 4 hours.

    Having a feeling that somehow my software will crash yet I don't wan to make a save file, only to regret badly after IT REALLY HAPPEN, having the dead line tomorrow, having a shock of a lifetime, yet feeling peace cause I know this will happen & immediately I thought of a backup plan all at the same time.......


    And darn I still can on blogger and update this tragic event, this already proves that I'm still calm(somehow) and know that its not the end.

    I don't understand how..

    Anyway, when I am done with this, I will post the video up on youtube for you guys to watch.

    Till then, I'll hope for the best!

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