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  • Tuesday, August 19, 2008

    Blessed Beyond Comprehension

    Whats On My Mind:

    This song is very cute(I think), its titled 'Dunia Belum Berakhir' - Shaden. My friend told me its a 7-8 year old song, maybe you'll like it? :)

    Apparently some fella used my name and say some really nasty thing on my Cbox.

    To whoever who write that:

    "If you got balls, next time write with your own name, and don't forget, I'm the admin, I CAN delete all the message that are typed on my Cbox, so try harder next time." :)


    This will be a short post.

    Thank you my dear friends for the surprises, gifts and many more other things.

    Truly from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate every little thing that all of you guys did for me.

    Wishes came in via, MSN, SMS, Friendster, Facebook, blog message and phone calls.

    It just blew my mind sometimes just thinking that I'm already 19 years old, from who I was and who am I now, like a 180 degree transformation.

    "Jco cake"

    Such a short time, yet it felt so long.

    I still remember back at standard 6, 16 August 2001, school gave us extra tuition class, and I did not do my home work.

    A fellow class mate of mine took the 'rotan' for me because it was my birthday.

    16 August 2006, my friends came to surprise me at my place, but mum din let me go out because she was upset that I slept for too long on that day...

    16 August 2007, My friends sabotage me unexpectedly after after our project outing, I've even lead them into the place that made me prone to any form of ambush!

    This year,

    A whole new experience. :)

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