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  • Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    1st Month of The 4th Term

    Whats On My Mind:

    I've yet to install my hard drive into my new CPU! Darn, I have to get this done as soon as I can... I'm lacking of pictures already! =/

    Hello people!

    I'm so sorry that my updates differs from the usual 2-3 days once routine, time has been really pack for myself.

    But no worries, I wont stop blogging, thats my assurance to you all! :D

    Since I've yet to comment on my new term, I shall just share a word or two to you guys, I'll start with my restaurant practical class. :)

    Everything I've expected in term 4 restaurant practical wasn't really what I would expect it to be, except the 'very tiring' part, which is very true and obvious.

    Things are very different in previous term, most of the time we were having fun, during service, not giving much of a thought of what we really are doing.

    Go into the kitchen to eat or snoop in the bars refrigerator and pop open a can of coke was a norm during the good old noob days, our lecturer don't give a crap about it most of the time.

    Now... Oh boy, don't talk about taking a can of coke, eating in the kitchen are not permitted at all because Pam did not cook for me the kitchen lecturer will kill us.

    Things are much tense, because we were expected to perform with a certain level compare to before.

    Talking about that, I still cant open the wine bottle! Its either the lecturer had to open it for me, or my friends would come help me.

    Heck, so embarrassing in front of the new students who became my guest... =(

    The only thing I think I did pretty well was the dessert 'flambe', just that the quality of my finished product could be improved more.

    I remember my most memorable moment after 4 times of servings was the moment I cleared my stuff and ready to sent for washing.

    I was holding a plate, on top was my service gear(a fork & a spoon), on the plate was a puddle of caramelized sugar kinda sauce.

    As I was walking towards the kitchen, my service fork slipped from the plate and fell! With lightning speed I kicked the fork, it did not touched the ground!


    Thanks to my 'kaki bangku'(phrase to describe a person that cant play football), I kicked the forked ONTO someone's hand bag! Darn I was lucky not getting screwed.

    Ladies, imagine some sticky icky sugar kinda sauce fall on your hand bag, what more if I was the one cost that to happen, what will you do to me?? *Melvin ran away*

    Of cause, every memorable & fun moment are bound to have something that pisses anyone off.

    There is this person in my group, she did something a service staff not even suppose to think of... What more she did it in front of my guest!

    No, she did not pick her nose...

    I was talking to my guest, she came over and said "hurry up, I wont to go home."

    Hell I was so insulted, how could you say that in front of my guest darn it?!? My guest actually asked me what happened! Who don't wan to go home you tell me?!

    Wan to complain, complain somewhere behind the guest la, senseless meh? You know what, she not only pisses me off, she pisses off some other people as well!

    She did the same thing yesterday during serving time! Luckily not to me, or I'll shoot her in front of the guest.

    I guess there are bound to be problems in whatever things we do, will have to learned from it, no body is more superior then the other, or not we don't have to be in college.

    Hope things would work out well as time goes by, I'm looking forward for a great year 2!

    To all my batch 28 friends, all the best! Lets be a history maker!

    Thats all for now, take care & have a great week~

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    yIeN said...

    hey i like dis post..haha ^^
    when can be ur guest arh..?haha..