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  • Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Working For The Devil

    Life in finance department was good, but I see numbers everyday! And they are driving me nuts!

    Basically I check the bills, report and other things related to hotel revenue and spendings.

    Also known as income auditing.

    I dislike checking banquet reports, its the same uneasy
    feeling that I feel when I do my additional maths.... =(

    Imagine me, doing partial income auditing work!

    It must be a joke...

    Me who scored 0.5 1 mark for 2nd accounts assessment back in term 2 because I wrote this and hand up the paper...

    Maybe the I got the 1 mark due to the effort of using the pen and write something...

    This is my real accounts paper took during my assessment time,
    its not a made up.. I've shown this many times already..

    Another achievement was I left the entire accounts section black during year end exam, worst still, me and Chris went on an "adventuring" the night before exam..

    I was placed in the finance/accounts department, what more being position as trainee under the 'Income Auditing' section.

    Isn't life just so evil??

    I hate numbers already, now you want me to check them and make sure they are being good boys and girls?!

    I love to play with this thing, I don't know why,
    I like to hear the sounds of the receipt coming out! :P

    Although its mental exhausting, but I surely love this job more then being a service staff.

    My friend was right, he said that there will be lesser stories to tell once I changed to this department, indeed thats the case.

    Nevertheless, I still learn something there, what I like the most are the people, they are very nice to us trainees,

    Unlike most people from the operation side whom only know how to make use of us... I'm not saying all management/admin people are nice and operation people are bad.

    Kak Ros & I, even though department different, she
    treat us all so nice! I was hungry once, and she gave me
    a piece of chicken chop to eat! :D

    There is always a ratio la...

    If you see a department so perfect, don't join, cause your going to spoil it.

    I always kept that tag line in mind, no one is perfect. =)

    Hope that after my training, I will gain something out of it, and not just wasting my time there.

    How are you guys out there? Having a great time training? :D

    Staring Karl Wong~~~ :P

    Last but no least, I so have to do this, its just too funny not to share it! XD

    A series of transformation after training in Sheraton Subang for 3 weeks.

    Week 1:

    Week 2:

    Week 3:

    Don't go crazy k people~! 1 month, 2 weeks and 4 days left, stay strong! ;)

    Take care & God bless! =)

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