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  • Tuesday, May 27, 2008

    Art of Nature

    Have you ever looked up into the skies and just be in awe of the beauty of nature?

    I love looking up the skies and see clouds with different shapes.

    Like art, the only difference was its high above but EASY to understand, it takes no brain to say "wahhh", unlike certain art, you have to think 1st before saying "wahhh".

    You just have to look like him and "wah"..

    The beauty of it, they will never be the same every time, truly an art of nature.

    For the past few years, I picked up a new hobby, I call it 'sky screening',

    It requires me to make a promise, which is whenever I see a really nice sky view, I will draw out my camera and take a shot.

    Even if I'm a little out of place..

    Over the years, I've took a hand full of these sky pictures, here was the 1st one,

    Its not taken by me but a friend of mine - ace(you rite? or po? lol) at my uncle's house in Bangsar 3 years ago.

    It was clearly only the sky because it was taken high ground, from the 6th floor of the condominium.

    The 2nd one I took it on the way back from Seremban last year during CNY.

    I was bored on the way home, I looked up the sky and I saw this, the sad part was I don't have a clear sky shot, got trees at the bottom... =(

    Nevertheless, I still like it.

    My personal favorite was taken last month, on the way home from Federal Highway, 7pm++, while I was driving, I couldn't help but to take out the camera and took a shot of it.

    I know I will regret if I hadn't done so.

    And again, stupid flyover, cars and lamp post...

    Maybe some of you might have seen this, it was just recently, I told my friend about this picture, and she was like "yeah I saw that too! But I din take a picture..." :3

    Maybe I should name these pictures, and sell it for a high price next time, and I'll be rich! :D

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