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  • Thursday, May 8, 2008

    Life Made Perfect With Imperfection

    Just in case if your wondering about my title, I state it that way because my mum went on a holiday to Hanoi, Vietnam last Saturday!

    Guess what! I am all alone at home! And I have the keys to me car! ^.^

    The sad part was, mum left me a bunch of work to do before she left... =(

    Chocolate doughnut!

    I sms her this morning, asking when will she arrive back home, I was expecting around night or midnight.

    BUT, she said she will be arriving at KLIA by 1.45pm!

    You know what??

    Fruit doughnut!

    I din frigging do any of the house work she asked me to! Except washing my cloths or not I wont have any to wear. What makes it worst, I was already at work, and it was 10am!

    Darn I tell you, I was so caught up with my social activities, I did not even have time to properly complete the given task.

    I was like an ant on the hot plate, thinking of ideas of how should I save my ass...

    I don't know what is this, but I know its big...

    An idea came, I approach my mentor - Wei Li, and asked her, if I could be away from office for 1 hour ++, I have a "home emergency" to settle, told her the story.

    I left the office at 10.30am...

    Here are a list of the things I should do or normally will do, but I din do...

    1. Let down the curtains upon leaving the house, I never let it down since my mum left...

    2. Mop the floor..

    3. Boil some water..

    4. Clear the left overs in the fridge..

    5. Fold the cloths..

    You tell me how can I not get screwed??

    With much haste, I rushed home.

    Somehow, I manage to finish all these task in 1 hour, rush back to my office and pretend nothing has happen..

    Moral of the story?

    Grape shaped chocolate!

    I realize that even though I love my life style the way it is now,

    Without some one who always message and ask me to come home, no nagging, no sleep early rule, going out at night and being able to take the car around.

    The fact is the balance isn't there, I spent more money out side, I did things last minute, I always reach work at 9am whereas I'm suppose to be there by 9am IN the office and lack of sleep.

    Some cute shaped chocolate!

    Managing these area isn't what I do best, its a sign I have lots to learn...

    Its been a rough but fun week, so fast 2nd week of May coming to an end already, but the month of May got 5 weeks, so 3 more to go!

    Take care people! ;)

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