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  • Thursday, May 22, 2008

    Ada Mungkin Nanti, Tapi Sekarang Mati

    Finance has been great, but as usual the numbers just don't wana behave themselves.

    This week, my mentor - Wei Lee, she is on leave for the entire week, preparing for her wedding back at hometown.

    Yea.. "Hello" I'm here to screw you got la...

    But leh, people wedding other also busy wan to take leave, in addition another full time worker enter hospital, hence 3 gone, left 4 permanent staff.

    They are lucky, because there were another 4 unsung heroes keeping watch of those misbehaving numbers, we trainees were there to lend a helping hand, and the day was saved!

    Wei Lee and her husband soon-to-be, congratulation!
    May happiness & trust always be the center of your relationship.

    Yesterday was our Financial Controller(Big boss) - Miss Yeoh's birthday, therefore we have to be stopped from our work to celebrate for her.

    Miss Yeoh - the one in purple,
    Miss Joon(our accountant) - pink, talk super loud wan... ~.~

    To cut the story short, we had a little party, eat some stuff and took some pictures.

    All the other big shots also come show face, eat & talk till the sky drop.


    Anyway, the above was just a little update on whats going on for me.

    Now, time for the main point. =)

    The moment of truth...

    I finally know which department I will be placed for next month!!!

    And I'll be going tooooooooooooo~~~~~

    Public Relations(PR)!

    But there is a problem, I have to know the do's and dont's before hand, therefore I was told by my training manager to ask Max Chua, whom is the current PR trainee about em PR stuff.

    There was a photo shooting session today, I planned to follow Max around and see what can I pick up from him, thank goodness Miss Joon allowed me to go! =D

    There I was away and ready to understand how things are done in PR.

    PR can play with gun~

    Todays photo shoot theme was 'East VS West', basically there will be a western guy and an eastern girl, posing with each a western & eastern dish.

    Max had already found the eastern girl, which is also one of Sheraton's trainee - Tomomi which so happen to be Japanese, an added advantage to authenticity.

    Hence, I expect that there will be the western male model walking into the photo room, we waited and waited, no one.

    Coat for the western male model

    Both dishes was already prepared and photo shooting ready to go, I asked max something, and the dialog sounded something like this:

    "Eh, the western male model leh?"

    "Neh, you loh!"

    "Yeah rite, where la is the male model you found?"

    "There wasn't any in the 1st place. *shows the list, only Tomomi's name was written*"

    "AnjiNg! JAmbu! You seriuous kah? Don't play la, its not funny, and I don't wan to be in some silly photo shoot."

    "What if I cant make it for today, then how? Where can like that wan...?! This is force labor!!!"

    "If you cant, then it will be me already, where got western worker/trainee in our hotel for us to ask? This is an experience, I've done it also..."

    "Oh my goodness, please tell me your joking.... I don't wan la, which part of me look western?! -.-"

    "Got no body already, we have no choice.."

    Yes Janice Wong! Your dear Max Chua set me up!!!! Its a blardy SCAM, a SCAMMMMMM I tell you!!!

    This isn't about low self esteem, but hey, give a good stare at me face, which frigging part of me look western???!!!

    And I know my own capability, my strength is behind the camera, not in front!

    They were hurrying me, I have no choice but to forcefully move to get ready for the darn shoot... >:(

    What made it worst, my soon-to-be superior from PR department came to see the picture, thats it la, 1st impression gone already..... ='(

    1st thing that came out from her mouth, "this wan western meh?". *Finger pointing at the picture - me*

    You know there is this bird that cant fly(cant spell the name), they bury their head in the ground when they get scared, that is what I felt like doing at that point of time.

    The bottom line, no way its gona satisfy anyone, whoever says that its ok, he/she is dead blind and should jump off from Sheraton hotel roof top.

    Here, I found another launching platform, 4th floor only,
    but never mind, din die, take lift, come up & jump again! :D

    To summarize the story, we found a middle easter guy to play the role as the "western" male model, he was more then happy to do so, and he is really good!

    Thank heavens! Salvation for me! :D

    At the end of the day, the photographer asked me if I want the picture or not.

    Since I've risk so much of doing that stupid shooting, why not?

    But that bugger only let me take 1, and he choose the picture for me, blardy heck, some more ask me not to be greedy... -.-"

    Fine, you must be asking what kind of picture was taken.

    Here is the deal, I will show it to u, but PROMISE that you wont laugh!

    I'll tell you, don't laugh la!

    Promise ah???


    Tomomi-san & watashi~
    I purposely photo shopped the picture to make its quality lower,
    the black & white + blur effect covered up the flaws of this photo.. hah!

    I said don't laugh...! Yes I know, I look more eastern... =/ Photographer said I look more Japanese, is that so? O.o

    Over all, I still find PR interesting, and I'm looking forward for it.

    All these stupid stupid story & incidents during training will some how I know 1 day be funny memories,

    Imagine without these stories to tell, what will we have to say when people ask us "how was your training?", is it gona be another "ok la", "like that la"...?

    To you guys out there training, almost 1 more month to go!

    Never treat these little hard, stupid, funny, painful experience just another thing in life, is what we learned from it that counts & have fun also la, not just learn all the time! XD

    All the best my dear friends! The reunion of batch 28 will soon commence! Take care! ;)

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