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  • Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    What An Insulting "Comment"

    I'm sure a lot of us here loves to eat but does not like getting fat.

    Thats not the point, hehe...

    When we taste good food, we most likely would go back to that place again.

    If its really good, we might even bring friends along too! Spreading good comments to others.

    Some restaurant and cafe provide comment card for the guest to fill in and show a piece of their mind.

    In Malaysia, most of the time no one cares anyway...

    Anyhow, there is this particular cafe I went to near my place one evening - Leo's Cafe.

    Just like any theme cafe, they provide the guest comment card.

    And I think some waiter/waitress really pissed off one of em guest...

    Use cockroach next time, I think it will be more "exciting"!

    Wahahha.... :P

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