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  • Sunday, February 10, 2008

    Year of The Tikus

    Whats On My Mind:

    Happy b'day bloggie! Its 1 years old! =D
    Thank you all for your support!
    It lasted this long because of all of you! ;)

    This years CNY eve was the worst in my entire life...

    Everything was going fine until!

    My uncle was so smart, he wanted more "omph" this year, instead of the usual red wine & beer, he mixed vodka & some orange tonic drink which looks and taste like orange juice, but a little bit bitter(like orange skin kinda bitter, but its the vodka that brings the bitterness!).

    That blend looked 100% like this!
    How the heck would anyone know its a blend?!?

    However, I went into the kitchen and look for a drink, I saw 2 jug there, both looked orange, so I just pick one and drink la..

    Some sick fate strike me that day, I picked with vodka-tonic blend instead of orange juice.

    vodka - 40% alcohol degree
    tonic - 7% alcohol degree
    total - a whooping 47% degree

    Even worst then that time I went with Jeff to Meison to drink that stupid whisky.

    After that 1 cup, I felt something wasn't right...

    The power! The heat!

    I felt like... Goku.

    I knew something was seriously wrong... I asked, and I found out the truth..

    Since that whisky episode, I promise myself never to touch drinks which has high alcohol content, I cant believe I drink it by accident... =/

    Vomited one and spend the entire time sleeping upstairs... -.-"

    So much for CNY eve... =(

    Coming up! CNY chocolate tasting!

    Stay tune to find out more. ;)

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