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  • Sunday, February 17, 2008


    Whats On My Mind:

    Sorry guys for the delayed update...

    Do you guys like chocolate?

    Well, I'm sure majority of us here loves it to the bottom of our heart.

    But have you ever tasted real chocolate?

    Sugar content = 0% type of chocolate.

    On the 3rd day of CNY, I went back to my mum's hometown at Seremban as usual, a tradition every year.

    But this year, my mum's cousin sister came up from Singapore for visitation.

    My aunt as usual, would have all sorts of weird but interesting things for us to try out every time, I remembered long time ago, she was the one who thought me some card tricks which I remembered till today.

    This year, its chocolate tasting!

    My aunt opened a chocolate shop in Singapore, she has quite large a collection of chocolates from all around the world.

    I'm not taking about 'M&M's' & etc, its black chocolate I'm talking about.

    We got into a chocolate tasting session, whereby my cousins and I tasted 10 types of chocolate from 10 different place around the world, chocolate content is 75%, and sugar free, therefore also fat free(I cant get fat anyway). =)

    I learned and forgotten a lot from this session, but I realize that chocolate isn't just chocolate flavor, the pure chocolate contain various types of flavor, such as 'woody', 'spicy(herb kind)', 'acidic', 'bitter' and etc...

    Here are some pictures, of the description, feel free to take a look~

    Chocolates from Colombia.

    Chocolates from "I-like-to-move-it-move-it-land".

    Chocolates from Venezuela, top 3 favorite, rank 3rd~ ;)

    Chocolates from Equateur, top 3 favorite(my aunts favorite), rank 2nd~

    Chocolates from Indonesia, me and my cousins favorite(its not no.1 because I'm learning Indonesian ok.... Memang its nice), rank 1st~ =D

    Chocolates from Papouasie.

    Chocolates from Trinidad.

    Chocolates from Tanzanie, sorry I don't have the description for this piece, too bright till my camera cant see the words.. =(

    Chocolates from Sao Tome.

    Last but not least, chocolates from Ghana, the 1st we tried, and the one we dislike the most...

    The study of chocolates are very wide, so many out there in the world, and we are already so content with 'smarties' or 'M&M's'.

    Reminds me so much of wine class back at term 2, because the classifications of chocolates are quite similar to wine.

    Truly this was an eye opener for me, although I forgot most of the things aunt thought us, thats why my blog post I decided to post more pictures then to elaborate. =x

    Try black chocolate if you have the chance, I assure you, its absolutely heavenly~! =D

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