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  • Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    CNY 2008

    How is everyone feeling this festive season?

    For me, I caught myself a flue.. =(

    As the years goes by, CNY hasn't been as happening as it used to be.

    I remembered when I was a kid, CNY was my 2nd most anticipated season of the year, other then Christmas.

    Mostly because we can receive em red packets~

    You asked, then why now not so happening? Still receive ang pau rite?

    Yes, I still do, but every year getting lesser and lesser leh...

    It came to 1 point that I realize ang pau(is still important ok..) isn't what CNY is all about, its the time spent with family and friends.

    This years my immediate family cant give those red packets(receive I'm not sure, some say can, some say cant...), due to the death of my father, its a Chinese custom.

    If there is a death in the family, the red packet cant be given for 1 year.

    I remembered that every CNY, my father will come down to take me for makan.

    Years back was sea food in Klang, last year was a Chinese restaurant near my place - 'Ace & Spade'.

    It was something I took it for granted, my childlike mind always think that ang pau and makan from dad is a sure.

    But this year, he can only look down from above and see us makan.

    Tonight we will have our usual reunion dinner at grandmothers place, and all of you who celebrate CNY will do too.

    I hope you wont make the same mistake as me, seeing it as an opportunity to make more money, the time spent with family and friends is something cash cant buy.

    I'll be meeting my dad's side of the family for the 1st CNY soon.

    Happy CNY & happy holidays~ =)

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