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  • Sunday, February 24, 2008

    Makanan Indonesia(Indon Food)

    Food company and establishments these days are coming up with weird names for their product, just look around the food places near you and you will know what I mean.

    One day, I sat at 'Uma Curry House', a mamak stall within my college compound.

    I noticed something different, I saw they added a new menu.

    Its an Indonesian food menu, now Indian mamak stalls are going into Indonesian food business, the world is mixing I tell you...

    I asked Ivana whether in Bandung got such thing as "sirup bandung" & "mee bandung".

    She answered "har? apa tu?"... =/

    Enak banget makanan Indo!(Indo food very nice!) =D

    My favorite of them all are 'ayam penyet'(flatten chicken) & 'mee soto' which they don't serve... =(

    Looking through the menu of delicious food, something caught my eye.

    Oh my goodness..

    Food establishments these days are crazy...

    So whats next?


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