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  • Thursday, February 21, 2008

    Happy 19th Birthday Rebekah

    Sorry la, I forgotten your b'day at 1st. =P

    I hope it was a great time for u! ;)

    Now, here are the things behind the scene, if you wan to save the pictures, click on it so that its enlarge, then only you save it.


    Yesterday, I was suppose to go for Mu's(Rebekah's BF) dinner service, ended up canceling...

    Somehow, Ivana's friend needed guest for dinner service too, but the trick was, I have to bring 1 more person along.

    I thought how hard could it be.. Since my phone book got so many people I could ask from.

    BUT! Turn out to be, many are not available, some dumb luck.. =( I was really worried. I almost fought with 1 of my friend over this..

    "Come la, I need guest, help me, I really got no 1 to call already..."

    "Don't wan la, your college friends also I duno, go there to stone meh?"

    "Go eat only la, its free, you no need pay, they provide voucher, I pick you up some more."

    "Is this some thing you "plan" out?"

    "Wut?! "Plan out" your head la, I just need your help to eat something thats free, like this also talk so much? Last time you need help I come, now you like this la..."

    "Don't wan la, I don't wan to go.."

    "Fine! Useless la you!"

    Well, there you go... -.-

    THEN! I got a call from Ivana few minutes later, saying that her friend canceled the dinner service............ -.-"

    Picture from Elaine's blog

    Not only she tulan, I also tulan!

    In fact, I'm MEGA TULAN! 2nd dinner canceled, almost fought with a friend & no food at home..

    Both of us cancel our other appointment before this, and now that was what we get in return... =(

    Out of my disappointment, I rang up Fandi for dinner.

    As soon as I pass Summit USJ, I got a call from Sio Sen, she told me there will be a surprise party for Rebekah at her place, and whether can I pick her up, Elaine & Marvin will be there too.

    Sad la, you called a few minutes late! =P I passed your house then only you call. XD

    The 1st gathering point was at Elaine's place, I was surprise of the presence of someone that I never expected to be there, instead of Marvin who was suppose to turn up, Kyle was there.

    The plan was, to sneak in to Rebekah's house and surprise her.

    GTA style!

    Also known as "curi2 style" la...

    But the 1st thing we Sio Sen did when she reach her door, was hitting the grill!

    We ran and hide, lucky Rebekah did not find out. =)

    Elaine trying to unlock the door~ =P

    I like this random shot

    Phase 1

    Infiltration success!

    Phase 2

    And this was the birthday girls expression.

    Someone turned off the lights before I get to snap your picture, that was why its so dark.

    "Happy birthday to u~"

    Cut cake

    Traditional take out the candle not using the hand trick,
    thats where your face get decorated with cake~

    Cake smashing time!

    What goes around comes around~ =P

    I hope you had a great birthday celebration, will promise to do a more not so "leaked out" b'day prank! =P

    Till then, see ya~

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