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  • Monday, January 5, 2009

    Resolution Reflection and Realization

    1st up, I'm so sorry for the super delayed update, I was out of the house most of the time, when I come home, all I wan was just to hit the bed.

    But this blog ain't dead yet! :)

    I'll try my best to resume to the 2-3 days update routine.

    Gosh, class starts on the 6th, my guns are all up, lets see what this new term has install for us!


    Upon stepping into the new year, I'm sure all of us has new dreams and goals.

    Nevertheless, we have to take time out and just have a moment of flash back on what we have done the previous year.

    Many things for sure, one of which I think most of us have done would be writing our new years resolution.

    I know new years resolution is something most of us make, but sadly the 2nd day we already forgot what we wrote.

    But I learned something today...

    New years resolution is important!

    Some people might say, "why do we have to write down all the stuff we wana do this year? "

    Well... Simple, because we forget.

    But it is important to set a goal/vision/dreams, especially when a new year begins, because its a fresh new start!

    A chance for us to leave all the unwanted and ugly memories and experience behind and have another beginning.

    If we never set our own personal vision, we will just live life like how the leafs blown by the wind - directionless.

    Vision is simply our destination, it is where we want to be.

    Just like driving, we have to know how our destination looks like to get there, or ask for directions and have a nearby landmark in mind to make the process of finding much easy, if not we will just end up lost.

    Of cost, to birth a vision is easy, but we must not forget to find ways to achieve the vision, we need values.

    Values are pretty much the strategy of what it takes to get us there, in other words, practical steps we have to take to make things comes to past.

    Imagine if I want to go Singapore, but all I do is just stand at the boarder of Johor, looking across the sea, gaze upon the shores of Singapore on the other side

    And start chanting "Singapore! Singapore! I'm coming! You just wait!" over and over again.

    That ain't gona get anyone anywhere..... Its more like your crazy....

    Heck, we have to get ourselves a bus or air ticket and go there! These are what I mean by values or strategies.

    I've notice we often set resolutions but at the end of the day, we are not able to give a pat on our own back and say "well done!".

    The cold cruel fact is because we lost the focus, at times it happened to me also. :(

    Not to say its hard to achieve, but we just simply cant see our vision anymore, it becomes blur and we lost track,

    We set the resolution in a way, like this illustration,

    We aimed for the starts, but we will have this thought behind our heads, "hmm.. if I miss the stars, never mind la! at less I can hit the moon!".

    The stars are so far and we start to lose its image, end up we cant even see where we are aiming anymore, of course we will end up not hitting it...

    Why aim for the starts when we can aim for the coconut on the coconut tree and have a sure 100% success hit?

    Ain't that a better choice?

    If our vision is small, but our value is big, our vision can go from good to the better, but if our vision is big, but our value is small, our vision will surely die...

    As for myself, I have other dreams and goals, some came to past, some died along the way.

    Come to think of it, those plans that died, are due to strategy malfunction, that is why I've never achieved it.

    But this year, I wana make it different, this time with more proper planning and organizing my visions in a orthodox manner.

    This 6 pledge to fulfillment will stand as a testimony, and now, I must live my life in a certain new lifestyle to reach this 6 target. *roar*

    1st - Work together with my fellow group mates of DH 28 FB Group 1 & 2 in unity and put up the most memorable and fun restaurant promo ever, and to create a college moment memory that are worth keeping.

    - To score minimum 16 out of 20 (global average) for my term 5 and term 6 exams. *cries*

    3rd - Schedule the 1st meet up for Crossroad Generation and later proceed to do a professional recording at a studio of minimum 11 original songs.

    4th - Manage my finance well, and set aside minimum 10% in to my savings.

    5th - Travel to 1 foreign country and 1 state in Malaysia, target destination - Penang.

    6th - To learn basic Korean language at Korea Plaza for FREE. (anyone interested to join me?)

    This booklets ain't cheap, they just hand it all to me as if they were rough papers, these are all up to date stuff about Korea, info about shopping, transportation, accommodation, culture and maps...

    Korea Plaza's expenses are all paid by the Korean government! Talking about recession eh??

    I said before, the sell their country, after further investigation, they are selling no more, instead they are giving away their country for FREE! Cooking class, language class, you name it, all FREE!

    Alright, that is a little side track...

    Nevertheless, I'm believing for a greater and much happening year ahead of me!

    How would you alter your 2009? :)

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    -tracy- said...

    hey, wer is this korea plaza thing? i wanna go!