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  • Sunday, January 11, 2009

    Walking On The Railroad

    Countless nights of burning the midnight oil.

    Hours spent cracking me poor head.

    Organizing the 1st Crossroad Generation 'the band' meet up isn't that easy.

    Organization skills was put to the test, and indeed I have much more to learn.

    And I'm happy to say that, today was a fruitful day!

    Watching stage performance during Christmas eve at church - me & Alice

    We manage to finish arranging 1 song and compose a new one, all we need is just to practice more, and in no time, to the recording studio we go!

    Inspiration come, inspiration go.

    I don't wan to lose even one bit of it.

    The challenge is for me to take it all down before I forget.

    Most of the time, my inspiration comes when I am in the toilet, in the stage of half asleep and thinking about stuff in a cold place.

    Up to a point, I sleep with a note book and a pen on my bed, refusing to even let go a bit of what I created.

    With the only light source coming from a hand phone, it isn't easy...

    For a long time, it will feel uncomfortable, and I came up with a solution - writing in the dark.

    Sometimes think half way till fall asleep with the pen dropped by my side.

    College work, assessments, food promotion and industrial training report is something that I have to prioritize also.

    But I'm believing that we will be able to do the best we can and impact the music industry of Malaysia, Southeast Asia and later Asia!

    Christmas eve at City Harvest KL - me, Alice & Andrew.C

    Together we can make history!

    Oh crap... I just realize.. 'The band' does not have a name and an emblem..... @.@

    Now, that will be under the "to do list"....

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