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  • Sunday, November 16, 2008

    Competitor Analysis

    Whats On My Mind:

    I'll be going to Singapore on the 21th - 25th
    this month for Asia Conference!

    After my transfer to Dessert's Bar Menara Hap Seng KL,

    The challenge became harder because of tight competition between various food and beverage outlets.

    We device strategies and plans, only to find out the much more prestigious food brands copy our same technique also!

    Howdy neighbor!

    Blardy hell, need or not ar?

    We give sampling half cup, they give sampling full cup with straw some more....

    Nak cari gaduh ke?

    But not as power as this next neighbor.

    This wan is dine & bank man! Now you cant find excuse to not pay for the food anymore.

    And what is darn arse is, when they got too much of customers,

    The customers will naturally come over and sit at our tables outside.... :(

    Indian buffet

    Observing my surroundings can be really interesting, cause I notice something,

    On our left is Old Town Kopitiam, right side we have Starbucks, Desserts Bar is sandwich in the middle between those super brands, Olive Tree is just few doors away.

    Imagine with me, OTK sells full meal set, Starbucks and their signature aromatic coffee, Olive tree with its value buffet lunch and we on the other hand offer delicious desserts.

    But this neighbor of ours...

    Sells their country!

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