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  • Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    Ordained For The Extraordinary

    Whats On My Mind:

    I'm so sorry for the much delayed update, I know why I am unable to view my blog from my PC,

    Its Nuffnang's fault! I realized that when I opened any blog which has Nuffnang ad, I cant view, the reason behind it? I have no frigging idea, but I think they blocked my IP, if any blog that has their ad I cant view with my PC, maybe because I view too many times in a day, hahaha...?

    Happy Chinese New Year!

    May all of you be prosperous in the area of health, finance and relationship this year!

    Now, my ang pau please?! :D

    ~-. ~-. ~-. ~-. ~-. ~-. ~-. ~-.

    Dear blog,

    After my absence for such a long time and not writing anything onto you, I hope people still come and look at your pretty face again.

    You know ever since college commenced, I had headache almost every night the thought of assignments, group projects, exams and food promo haunts me almost every moment I breath, eat and shit.

    Regardless of what is going on, I know we all want the best for the promo, but there are certain things that we should not be ignorant towards.

    We are all humans, we have ideas, we learn, listen, speak, get stressed, feel happy, sad, angry, excited, or hyper and even make mistakes.

    The bottom line is, we are no where near perfection and everyone else around us have feelings too.

    I've learned it the hard way, an old friend of mine thought me, "speak with no haste, listen and you'll be amazed".

    Though I may sometimes talk more then I should, under "conscious" circumstances, you'll realized that I will stop speaking once someone cut my conversation half way through my speech.

    Do I get irritated? Well, sometimes, do you if someone else does it to you...?

    It is give and take... One party just have to compromise, if neither will give in, there wont be any ending to it, but some argument are worth to fight for, we just need a good judgment.


    Bloggie oh bloggie.. Tell me, am I accountable for executing certain stuff differently? Practicing a different core value hopping others will understand, accept and not taking it for granted.

    I've never believed in "force/push labor", but "free consent/will". Knowing we are all grown people with maturity working together without any separation of hierarchy, my name is synonymous with the word 'democracy'.

    After all, we will be stripped off of what we hold and be mere commoners again, why do we wan to dictate others? Why do we wan to make everyone feel so darn miserable? At the end of the day end up not talking to each other...

    Scared that things will not get done? Perhaps for our personal image, respect or perfection hungry?

    Is it that worth it? When things come to an end, we will still see each other as per normal. As if none of us care about the 'big day' ahead, I'm sure all of us want to see and do the best not just some of us...

    "A leader is not measured on how hard he or she can push people, but measured by their speech, attitude and the willingness to be patience guiding the people."

    Any Dick, Tom and Harry can push, but the game of words and patience are for the ones who are prepared to fend away and if have to, tank flames of all sort.

    Of cost this does not apply to everyone, here is where wisdom comes into action.

    10 year old cat at my aunt's house, look at its 'tulan' face..
    When she don't like you, she will scratch you... :(

    My deepest concern is to keep the team united and of high moral, once this 2 golden foundation are broken, no matter what we do, it will crumble and vanish into oblivion.

    What else can I say? I only can do my best by playing my part well and get down on my knees, and pray everything will be smooth.

    Definitely all of us will learn at the end, its the matter of how we take the final outcome.

    Sincierly your author,

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