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  • Tuesday, December 30, 2008

    Mat Rempit

    I've got a text in MSN from a friend of mine - Hui Wen.

    She told me that I might wan to blog about this(an e-mail).

    Its a story about this group of girls that were coming back from prom night very late in the night and how they were stalked by this gang of bikers on the way home and how they escape.

    Come to think of it, I've never spoken much about our country's very own "superhero" on our streets, they are none other then - mat rempit.

    Bombardment of warnings from our parents and those circulated mail in the internet sometimes leaves us to think will it happen to us one day?

    Hey, but the world is a dangerous place.

    Would one ever hide himself or herself all day at home just to stay safe?

    No one wants to die of boredom.

    The answer is obvious, but of cost we have to be careful.

    All we can do is just to minimize the chances of these bad stuff happening to ourselves.

    Unexpected situation will always happen in life.

    After hearing so much about the terrors that these rempit has caused,

    I've done my part in laughing at them in the video below.

    I don't think this rempit will be able to do much, take a look and you'll know what I mean.

    Stupidity beyond comprehension. :)

    1 comment:

    cdason said...

    Always disliked those whom 'merempits'

    In fact, my housemates and I used to curse them when we were back in Uni coz they'ed rave up the streets, and make sleep utterly impossible..