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  • Friday, January 9, 2009

    Dawn of A New Dynasty

    We are back at last!

    The cry to return to college has finally come to an end!

    But, as soon as we got back to college, we start crying again...

    Ironic isn't it? We scream so loud, asking the time to pass faster so we can return to college.

    And when we got back, we closed our eyes and wish upon the shooting start that the college will burn down the next day.

    Paparich's "Milo Dinosaur" at Taipan USJ

    1st day, we somewhat got shot by our lecturer, asking where is our industrial training report.

    2nd day, the official election for the food promos restaurant manager and assistant restaurant manager, and later screwing up our dinner service.

    We definitely need time to get use to the French fries system again...

    3rd day, countless meetings with board members regarding the promo and homework to do.

    Nevertheless, we will finish strong by the end of this term!

    I will not allow this food promo to be just like any other food promo. It will always be a sweet memory to us all.

    Jenn's b'day celebration

    Together, DH 28 and DC 28, we will make history!!

    p/s: Further details will be updated, due to low resource of pictures, I am unable to proceed to elaboration. Sorry.

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