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  • Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Sweeter Day By Day

    Just 3 days of working..

    I've already learned so much from the staff at Dessert's bar.

    Strawberry Mango~!

    What is even more exciting was on the 2nd day of work, there was this group of 5 people who came at night.

    As usual, I went and took their order.

    Suddenly one of the guy said something,

    I forgot what garnishing is this for!
    "today is my friends birthday, can you sing him a birthday song?"


    "please! I'm serious! look i'm foreign, i just wan my friend to have a memorable birthday."

    "arhh....?? you sure?"

    "yes, you HAVE to do it, please!"

    "err.. alright, no worries, I will get that arranged for you."

    For 'apple smoothie'

    Do I even have a choice??? T.T

    Who in the world would expect that on their 2nd day of work?

    Whats even more funny was, a family of 5 came.

    Apparently the dad wanted to buy some desserts for his young son, so he placed the order and sat down.

    For 'apple honeydew smoothie'

    Few minutes later, he stood up, walked to us, and told us "look, my son fell asleep, can cancel the order please?"

    And the entire family left just like that...

    What strange nonsense...

    Like that also can?!

    For 'kiwi peer smoothie'

    The strange just gets stranger.

    There is this product in our menu that goes by the name '6 pax'(those abs kinda 6 pax).

    I think, if not because they are made up from fruits and less butter,

    They should rename it to '6 months'(is 6 months pregnant punya pregnant).. :P

    Wishing all my training course mates 'Happy Training'! Hope to see you guys soon!

    I'm all excited for the upcoming food promotion in term 5! Are you? :D

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