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  • Tuesday, September 30, 2008

    1st Day At Desserts Bar

    Our shift starts at 9.30am today, Sio Sen, Rebekah & I tumpang one of our friend - Terence's car to our work place.

    The 4 of us we divided and sent to 2 different areas, Hartamas & Mount Kiara.

    After dropping the girls at Hartamas both of us guys head to Mount Kiara.

    I have totally no idea where and how does the place look, we only knew our supervisor by the name of - Qian Qian.

    Like sheep to the slaughter, we just went in and hope our supervisor isn't a devil.

    And thank goodness she is a really nice person!

    "strawberry bathing", in other words, wipe the strawberry..

    Upon the normal introduction and all, we take a look at the outlets menu, just to have a rough idea of what we sell.

    After that, its ice cream tasting session! We get to taste a bit of all the ice cream that Desserts Bar offer.

    Not bad for a 1st day..

    Our supervisor teach us how to make this particular dessert, the one above.

    Its apple jelly + green, red, black grapes + apricot + yogurt at the end, its nice, but dry..

    Till the end, you feel like throwing up after eating it, but heck, its an experience anyway!

    I really like it here, this training is going to be a really good one!

    So good in fact, they really understand their employee very well.

    How can you not like to work for Desserts Bar?

    p/s: sorry for the short update, some thoughts has been really distracting me these days, I will be better soon, till then will think of better & funnier updates! :D

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