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  • Tuesday, October 21, 2008

    Step By Step We March

    Whats On My Mind:

    Play & PAUSE the video 1st before
    start reading to have better 'feel'~

    My brain seriously cannot think straight!

    I tried to think of something to write, but I cannot!

    Mental tiredness is so strong, I sometimes feel if I'm even dreaming right now..

    But I shall press on!

    No matter how tired I am, this blog will not die!

    Therefore, I have prepared a 2nd spoiler on the things 'Crossroad Generation' is currently up to.

    It is another original melody that has yet to have any lyrics.

    Imagine with me as you are ready to listen to the song, alter the story however you want it, this is just a guide line... :)

    You grew up with this person, you knew him(or her) since forever,

    You both are neighbors, since young you have been playing together,

    Sharing with each other the joy of playing under the rain and the tears of suffering under parental wrath.

    Ultimately you went to the same primary school and later on high school together,

    Both of you were popular in school and are sought after by many girls(guys if you are a girl).

    Ayam Penyet at USJ 9 closed down already!!!! T.T

    You always liked this girl but never dared to tell her, never have you thought that your best friend liked the same girl too, and they got together!

    You felt frustrated and at the same time you feel that you cant be angry at him, your in a emotional spiral.

    At the end, you understood that your friendship is greater then that relationship, you became the bigger person.

    Something like that la..... I cant think of a proper story, maybe you can imagine it, hehe...

    Now sit back and just let the music take you into your heart. :)

    Composed by: Eduard Wijaya
    Lyrics soon by: Melvin Teoh

    Please forgive Edu, yes there are certain parts his tone cant reach, but hey, that is a melody from the heart..

    Its like a stage performance, everyone has a part to play.

    Hope you guys enjoyed it!

    Let me know what you think of it if you will..

    Thanks~ :)

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