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  • Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Gua Kangen College

    Whats On My Mind:

    There will be a really interesting post coming up next!
    Believe me, it will blow your pants off! So stay tune!

    Words just cant explain how I wish to go back college!

    I miss the times where we were just so darn free.

    Even though with assignments and test, we still at less have the space to lepak, play games and do other fun stuff.

    Cook for fun at Christin's place~

    I miss the times we boycott stupid-fatty-ass-stick-on-chair English teacher,

    "Ok ok! 4.30pm already! She is late half hour! Its our darn rite to ciao! Consider give face already la, higher diploma students 15 minutes already no where to be seen!"

    Our masterpiece! 'Daging masak hitam'!
    I know, shut up! Its still taste nice ok!
    Looks can be deceiving! =3

    After saying that, we DH 28 for the 1st time, walked out of class because lecturer was late.

    But only to face replacement class the next lesson.... :(

    I miss the times we go pool and condemn how lucky Fandi is when he plays just chill, play a round or 2 of pool.

    I also miss those cooking sessions we did at Ridzuan Condominium.

    Eduard is not just a talented musician, he is also a great cook!

    Self created recipe dish, with cheap white wine and rice bungkus from the mamak downstairs.

    What more can we ask for?

    Edu showing his kitchen skills!

    I say the most important is still have fun hanging out no matter the condition or environment.

    Come on man, there is more to life in college then just to study!

    But I never say study is not important ok! :D

    Chris the bitch sommelier... :P

    I hope time just pass faster, I cant wait to enter the next phase of college!

    Graduation is just so soon! 8 more months!

    I forgot what is the name of this dish... :(

    To all my DH, DC & DT friends, hope to see you guys soon, take care and stay strong during training no matter the shitty condition!

    There is always a reason behind everything. :)

    That is all for now, will be back again with new updates! =D


    Esther Chin said...

    really hitam that daging!

    -ay4- said...

    hahahaha.. u haven't write about the soup... the soup that u put 3 blocks of kaldu inside it.. wkwkwkwkk..
    nadia also didn't dare to eat it.. wkwkwkwkwkkk.. yeah, d daging so black.. but, it's nice.. hahaha