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  • Monday, October 13, 2008

    Those Darn Blog Things Which Are Kinda True Sometimes

    Whats On My Mind:

    I changed my hand phone number,
    ask me for my new one if you din get my message alert. :)

    After much hype working at 1st, I began to start feeling dry..

    As days turn to weeks, I just couldn't wait for it to turn into months and eventually flush into the toilet bowl of history.

    The people at my work place here are good and the pay is good too.

    Maybe its just too routine and boring..

    Good thins, I got a call from my supervisor, she said I will be transferred to Dessert's Bar Hartamas, which is good, a new environment!

    I tried the above test on some website, I think that pretty much explains why.

    I can't take it anymore! I will go crazy if this goes on!

    So I found myself a time killer! Just in case my new spot is as boring as Mount Kiara.

    This RM16 baby will be my best friend for now,

    I know its not going to last, because I love reading these kind of ghost stories.

    Its the only book I can read finish in 1 day!


    The results are out!

    Here I go again!

    1st to walk out of cost accounting test and still manage to pass the exam! Definitely way better then my term 2 financial accounts.

    Thank heavens! :D

    Looking at this results really makes me miss college so much, hope to see you guys again soon!

    Take care! ;)

    p/s: Better updates next time... Really mentally tired at this point of time... :(

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