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  • Tuesday, October 7, 2008

    Crossroad Generation Dilemma

    Whats On My Mind:

    You MUST play the youtube video at the end of this post!
    Sorry, but please bare with the low quality.

    I know! I know now!

    The reason behind my distracted state that I have been going through for weeks.

    I was like a walking dead, totally lost interest in everything for no good reason...

    'Crossroad Generation' is my hearts core, and it is logical for me to be very concern of its welfare.

    I place a very high expectation on my team and ultimately myself.

    I did all I can to make this one step closer to achieve its purpose, this means sacrificing time, energy and most of all - money....

    The planning and strategy...

    Up to the state where I planned to register 'Crossroad Generation' at Putrajaya(I just knew we can do that!), and it will be listed as an official club.

    One of my members even established a connection with an event company, they require us to form a band as soon as we can, latest by end of this year.

    Because they will call us IF they are throwing another event, and our future band will be required to perform!

    Vocal demonstration by Shaun Lee! XD
    He is so gona kill me if he sees this!

    But later do I realize, I'm climbing up the ladder that was leaning against the wrong wall...

    Nothing wrong with the registering to be an official club, or play in an event.. In fact its all great!

    But I unintentionally cast aside my initial mission - 'to turn dreams into reality', replacing it with 'to turn MY dreams into reality'...

    Putting selfish ambition and lusting for recognition as my 1st priority had crippled my ability to express my creativity...

    The thought of wanting to be at the top fast made me restless and full of anxiety...

    But now, I have been awaken from this blindness, I will not walk that path again!

    I always have to remind myself why I started 'Crossroad Generation' in the 1st place!

    Future CRG Public Relations Director
    & future CRG Vocalist on the headlines!

    Seems that every time I always say productions coming up, I'm writing this song and that song, a little this and a little that..

    Well, here is one of our upcoming song!

    Its only the 1st draft, and it has no lyrics, and yes, the sound quality is bad, because I recorded it with my half arsed camera phone..

    Anyway, Crossroad Generation proudly presents to you!

    Our 1st spoiler! Enjoy~!

    Composed by: Eduard Wijaya
    Hummed by: Shaun Lee
    Lyrics soon by: Melvin Teoh

    Please feel free to give me your honest comments!

    For example, how do you feel after listening to it, what kind of song you think it is, what should we do to be better and anything else you wan to say.

    Really appreciate if you do so!

    Thank you guys! :D

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