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  • Sunday, June 15, 2008

    7 Months


    Sky view from my house..

    7 months had pass since you left us, I guess we are doing quite fine here..

    I've meet up with brothers, grandma & there rest of the family a couple of times.. Isn't it the way you wanted it to be?

    We are getting along quite well, truly they are really nice people, but definitely it will take time for things to become the better, I'm so not used to having such a big family.

    Haha, I cant even remember who is who anymore.

    Photo courtesy of Alice...

    I'm doing just fine here, PR department at Sheraton isn't what I expected it to be..

    Much creativeness could not be expressed due to certain regulations we need to follow.

    Other then that, I enjoy quite a bit of my work, got to know many new friend at the same time too.

    A poster I did for Sheraton... Had many piece before this, fussy Gm.... -.-

    Currently church is organizing an event - Emerge, its gona be real big and fun! 71 different types of competition, its gona be one big blast.

    You know what dad, I've joined the song writing competition, no I'm not going to sing, my voice ain't that great, I don't wan flies to kamikaze into my mouth to shut me up...

    Instead, I've got 2 really talented friends whom is helping out to put life into the lyrics I wrote, and currently getting another 1 to help out too.

    We've already got the melody, its just the instrument part, the cords are giving us a really crappy time...

    But I believe we are going to claim the grand prize! I hope mum will be proud of it, I wana prove that I'm not just the talk, but I'm walking it...

    As much as I long to go back to college, I'm already thinking about my 2nd training, where I wana to go and what to expect.

    Well, a little confession.. I wan a training that seems like a holiday, hehe...

    No worries, I'm not going to play around la, its just that I wan to go somewhere far and live in a different environment for a while.

    I'm considering Kuching Sarawak, its far yet feels near, part of Malaysia anyway..

    It will save whole lot of trouble applying visa & etc, maybe someday I go else where out of the country. :)

    Labuan, Sabah, Brunei and Indonesia's Kalimantan island is just around the boarder, hehehe! I can do wonders after the 2 months of training!

    Maybe I'll stay for another month and..... Wahahaha! I'm sure you know what I'm thinking rite dad??

    Don't worry about us, surely we will live our best and treasure it..

    You know dad, I've picked up a new language since 6 months ago, I just wan to say..

    Kita kangen nieh ma mu(we miss you), happy fathers day..

    Your 4th son,


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