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  • Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    New Department - PR

    Finally I've entered into 3rd month of training, I'm currently in the Public Relations(PR) department, my immediate superior - Bel.

    What I like about the most was because I have my OWN ROOM! :D

    I gave my room a nick name - "Genting".

    Well its because I chilled my room so cold with the prefixed centralized air conditioner(can't control), and another big air con which I turned it on till 16 degree.

    What I have to do....

    Sadly I have to leave the door open, a lot of em air went outside, so before I go for lunch I shut the door, leaving my room to be super chilled, and when I'm back...

    Heavenly, absolutely heavenly! Especially when it rains, lagi syok! XD

    Anyway, my basic daily routine job was to read news paper.

    Just "trying" to do my job...

    Seriously, but I have to find articles regarding the hotel and tourism industry.

    The only big project I have at this point of time was to create a poster for a fund raising campaign which I have yet to start, I don't know how, but I'm going to try..

    I wish I could write a longer update, but I have to run now, going to have a long day tomorrow.

    Take care people! 1 more month, tabah lah~! ;)

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