• Watch Our Very Own HIV Awareness Advertisement Produced By Me And My Team
  • Wednesday, December 12, 2007

    My 1st Serious Art Work - HIV AD Titled: Why?

    So what you guys thing of 'The Making'?

    Anyway, I'm sorry for just posting up the video without telling anything about it.

    I was rushing a lot these pass few days.

    Alright, I know some of you are confused, not knowing what is going on at this point of time.

    Well just for information sake, my moral lecturer gave us a project - create an advertisement regarding HIV.

    Upon hearing that, it excites me! I cant believe it! Studying in hotel school also get to make advertisement! =D

    Like a divine opportunity given to me, or should I say favor. After all the wrestling and not being able to go to film school, I get to do film/ad in hotel school instead!!! XD

    So, a team of 10 + 1 got together(intro later), with our combine strength we manage to pull the entire thing through(I'll cut the story short).

    We as a team chose to shoot about how society discriminate people whom are infected with HIV.

    Take a look and do tell me what you guys thing, your feedback is really important to me and my team.

    I've changed the videos song, the actual presentation which was shown that day had a different background music, it was from Nickelback - If everyone cared.

    If your wondering, am I rushing again.

    Well yes..

    I have to go for term 6 dinner service, study for food science & sanitation, sit for tomorrows exam which dragged till 5pm and on the following day wake up at 6am to send off a friend to LCCT.

    So please understand. ;)

    I will update the entire story once all these are off my mind, thanks for your understanding and support! =D


    peekaboo said...

    juz wanna say ur advertisement is awesome. believe me, u can create miracle....

    Anonymous said...

    Yeahh its pretty awesome. But a bit sesat-ed somehow, sorry for saying that. Because its like kinda messy? Like at the end of the ad, I still dont really understand what you're trying to tell but yeah I get the whole stigma part. Ur trying to tell too many stories in just a matter of seconds. But trust me when I say the actors and everything else apart from the story line was superb.

    MelzKC said...

    thanks for the comment Tracy. ;) =D

    thanks to u too for your feedback, really appreciate it! ;) btw, are u anyone that i know or just a blog hopper? I really wan to know who r u. ;) thanks. XD