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  • Friday, December 7, 2007

    'The Making' Preview

    Whats On My Mind:

    This is why my blog wasn't updated - My Schedule
    Screwing up accounts test - 4/12/07
    Oenology presentation - 5/12/07
    TCHT HIV Ad Fest - 6/12/07
    Kitchen theory assessment - 7/12/07

    Moral assessment - 8/12/07
    XYZ camp - 8/12/07 till 11/12/07
    Accounts & Oenology exam - 12/12/07
    Food Science & Business Maths exam - 13/12/07
    Send a friend to LCCT - 14/12/07

    Yo people! I will be going to Genting for camp tomorrow!! XD

    Don't worry, I will be back and updates will be over flowing~!

    Thats my assurance. ;)

    By the way, this is the 'making' of the Ad my team and I made for our moral project.

    I cant explain much now, I have yet to study for tomorrows moral paper, pack my clots for Genting, eat my dinner, yes my dinner, I'm still eating till now...

    I did not wan to be a spoiler by showing it so early, but it leaves me no choice, my blog must not die!!! =D

    Anyway, here it is, hope you guys will enjoy it, will cover the entire story on my blog soon!

    Will show you all the read thing soon!

    Feel free to leave your comments here or on Youtube(better) thanks!!! ;)

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