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  • Tuesday, December 4, 2007

    Long Awaited Hour

    Whats On My Mind:

    My goodness, 1st mum offered me to get a laptop, and now she even made one of my dreams come true, she wanted me to stay at Mentari Court!!! But heck, I rejected that offer even though I can get to see her everyday its more convenient for me. Will blog about this issue soon. ;)

    I'm very SORRY! I cant update a long one today, due to me preparing for assessment, assignment presentation, and MORAL AD PRESENTATION!!! *jumps around happily* XD

    I cant wait for Thursday! Its gona be the highlight of term 2, and most probably for the year!!!

    After all the hard labor and brainstorming, my team, and especially me are looking forward to claim the 1st place.

    Call me 'kia su', but filming is the only thing I do best, and that is why I will fight for it using all the might I have, along side my 9+1 group mates, we can. =)

    !!!Click on picture to enlarge!!!

    The picture above are our sequence of presentation.

    My group is the 14th, last of the diploma batch to screen the AD!

    Pam's group is just few groups before mine, the 11th.

    Aaron! Sorry I cant watch yours, we will still be in kitchen class.... =( Do send me a copy after everything ok! ;)

    All the best to all the teams competing, I'm looking forward to watch all of the ADs showing on that day!

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