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  • Wednesday, December 26, 2007

    Law Abiding Or Plain Crazy?

    Most of us who are able to drive, we tend to pick up phone calls even though we were warned not to do so, or even better reply SMS while driving.

    Honestly.. I don't really see these kinda practice often.

    Just by judging ourselves as Malaysians, I confess sometimes on the road we are just behaving like the devil.

    "Aiyah! What to do?!? Wan to survive on Malaysian road must like this wan mah...!"

    I heard that phrase many times.

    I thought we were suppose to stop behind the white line??

    But what I saw today totally stunned me.

    This particular person was just too good, up to a point that I feel like getting down of the car and give him a slap and ask him "what are you doing!?".

    That bugger just parked on the grass along Federal Highway!!

    Lets take a closer look and see what was he doing.

    Wah lao!

    Park on the grass just to talk on the phone!

    Now, thats something I'll never ever get to see in my entire life again.

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