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  • Thursday, December 20, 2007

    Making The AD - Part 2

    Scene 2 - Taman Seputeh

    Have you ever worked with kids?

    Well, if you have, your are able to relate with me.

    This was my 1st time working with kids.

    What more 2 hyperactive ones(Both are Hui Wen's cousins).

    For illustration purpose only..

    I don't have the pictures for this part, so I shall not talk much about it.

    It wasn't easy for the 5 of us(me, Lim Yin, Hui Wen, Kwan Han & Sonia), truly it was the most tiring shooting ever, but we had the most fun.

    Working with kids are so much different from people in other age groups.

    Things you expect them to do somehow they wont be able to or done at the time your not ready for the shoot.

    The summary? I've learn much from this experience. =)

    Scene 3 - Ampang(Lim Yin's house)

    We actually went there twice, due to certain parts needed to be retaken(1st part pictures I don't have, only 2nd part I have).

    "I see youuuuu....."

    For this stage, time was the major factor, we went WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out of schedule due to "VIP" issue.

    Imagine 3 hours++ behind time.. Not a pretty sight indeed.

    At less we discover a new talent that almost everyone loves.. =D

    What more this time we ain't working with kids, but adults, Lim Yin's parents!

    Good impression? Definitely hancur... All thanks to "VIP".... -.-

    I had the greatest headache shooting this part. Already time is not on your side, lightings, settings & etc also come against you, perfect chemistry for disaster...

    This was taken during the 2nd time we went,
    thats why still got time.. =P

    After all the hassle of this and that, we still manage to pull it through, except having to go there the 2nd time, everything was ok! =D

    Photo shoot with the star(the sad girl in the video) after everything was done..

    And there you go, as you all can see, the 'black and white family scene' came to pass. =)

    Scene 4- KLCC Park

    This wan is the most vain of all.....

    Due to sudden change of video plan, the entire thing turned upside down.

    Once again sorry.. For this part, I have yet to receive the photos, therefore I shall keep it short again. ;)

    Remember one of the early scene in the video where a guy(Kwan Han) pushing his hair back his head, the face cannot see wan, and got something like camera lance flare?

    We spent entire day there, doing this and that, ended up using only that part!

    This was more like a team outing then project.

    One of the rejected picture for the video because its blur.. =(
    But I like it very muchhhh.. =(

    Nevertheless, its still part of the production and we all enjoyed it! ;)

    Scene 5 - Taylor's College PJ Campus(Class Room 26)

    Yes I know, I don't have the pictures, sorry la... I haven received it yet ma..

    For this section, I worked with the biggest group of people during the entire production.

    We asked the international students for help - to be actors!

    It was much more easy then working with kids and parents, I would say, better communication level.

    There are only 2 problem here, time(exam was after the shooting) and getting rid of the paint from the chair.

    Once again by God's grace, everything went according to plan!

    As you all have seen, the end result. ;)

    Stay tune for the last part~!

    To be continue.....

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