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  • Monday, April 30, 2007

    What The Heck?

    I got up 6:40am+ today, my body refuse to rest even though I went to bed 2am yesterday/today.

    Around 10:30am, I decided to go cut my hair, I could stand no longer!

    The blardy stylist from "Take Two Hair Studio" cut my hair till I look like a stupid orang utan, just a little less hairy.

    So pissed man! Anyone got good hair stylist can recommend?

    Anyway thats not the main point of this entry, back to the topic.

    And there I was, eager to get my head shaved, I took my bike and cycle off to Taipan.

    When I was about to reach the traffic light, I notice the queue was longer then usual.

    The cars suppose to be a turning left right before the traffic light, but the cars there aren't moving.

    I went for a closer look and this was the thing that cost the big whoohaa.

    A 9876KG branch spotted in Subang Jaya!

    And guess what those good for nothing MPSJ dudes were doing?!

    "They only good at saman-ing people wan lah"

    Even more pissed now. -.-

    Come on man! Its just a small branch that with no trouble could be moved a side,

    BUT noooo these nuts just sit on their sorry arse and smoke while looking at the cars got stuck in the jam,

    they might even be cheering "Ah! Lambat sial~".

    The worst is yet to come, I went to the salon and the shop was closed, the uncle next door told me
    "Open at 3pm la".

    Mother of all pissed man... -_-

    Still on the road after nearly an hour...

    Now I go cut my hair, thats all folks.

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