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  • Saturday, April 21, 2007

    JPJ Test

    17th of April, Tuesday

    9pm: Went to bed.

    12am: Got up to go toilet, end up unable to sleep back until 5:30am the next day.

    18th of April , Wednesday

    5:30am: Got up and refresh myself, had a cup of drink.

    6:30am: My driving instructor came to pick up Eugene and I.

    7am - 8am: Instructor asked us to go fer a spin with the car for the last time before test. Meet Tham Jun Xian when we were there.

    8am - 9:30am: JPJ officer open up to whoever wants to start doing the parking test & etc... Eugene and I were the 1st few who went. I passed. =)

    9:30am - 1pm: Freaking JPJ did not pick my number, waited for my turn.

    The amount of people who are still waiting after 3 hours

    Many idiots decide to take some puff, due to my lack of sleep and natural hatred towards smokes in addition the hot weather, my head grew two times its size.

    Try saying 47 in cantonese, it reads "sei chat", in other words "sure die",
    but I proved the belief of bad luck numbers are wrong

    1pm++: "Nombor 47!" I could not wait to get into the car and show the JPJ officer what I'm made off, my head was making me weak, but I pressed on.

    I was hungry too, because we did not eat anything, fearing that our number might be called, we did not leave our position.

    1:30pm: I finished touring with the car, the man hand me a slip, once again I passed. =)

    2:30pm: FINALLY having my lunch, nothing like a cup of "kat chai suen mui" after all I have gone through.

    There is is, my super cut short version JPJ test experience, sounds boring?


    Wait till your turn to get your "P" then you will feel me.

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