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  • Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Cuteness Hurts

    This is my cousin's dog, Sparkey.

    This little fella had never failed provoking me to wana shave its hairy ass bald every time I stayed over at my cousins house.

    You all must be asking me "what can such a cute little dog do to you until wan shave its ass?".

    Take a look for yourself.

    A scar still visible after one year

    Try looking at the bright white line there, its a scar "given" to me from Sparkey.

    The little mutt hiding at the place where I am suppose to
    place my leg when I use the computer

    I was on the net one night, suddenly I got shocked cause I felt something wet touched my toe.

    Immediately I pulled my leg back and *pong*! My leg hit the edge of the computer table where the sharp part so happens to be located.

    The dog licked my toe and the table kissed my knee... =/

    Good thing I gotten smarter this year, I avoid placing my leg below the sharp edge and I pushed the keyboard in whenever I am not using it.

    1 comment:

    Andrew said...

    A spark indeed....