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  • Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Easter Sunday

    Hey people, am back in the house~! Blogging resume to normal timing. It has been quite a fun but tiring week.

    Stupid cousin's phone rang every time in the middle of the night and early in the morning, waking the geram-ness(frustration) out of me.


    Wee~! Sara can drive already, so after church on Saturday night I tag along in her car for a ride together with Zhiyu and Zhiwei.

    We went to somebody's house in Bandar Utama for shushi and home made pizza. Nearly half of the Subang CG 2 people were there(I am from SJ CG 1 btw).

    SJ 2 CG leader Wai Loong on the PC


    After the stomach feeling banquet, we hit the road once more. It was too early to call it a day, Sara suggested to crash Michael's house(SJ 1 CG leader).

    Knowing Mike is someone who wants to sleep early, it needed a little something to make him not fall on his bed.

    -In Sara's car, Zhiyu and Zhiwei were there too-

    *Calls Mike*

    Mike: Hello...

    Me: Yo dei, you free now ar? Are you at home? I come ur place ok? I stress la, need to talk to you weh. My mum in Thailand, so I now driving her car coming your place, will be there soon.

    *Everyone in the car giggles*

    Mike: *Thinks: He better have a good reason why is he driving without his "P" *Har now ar, I just got home and haven bath yet la.

    Me: Dun worry, I go spin around with the car, will be over there soon, bath fast ok and don't sleep, after I ring the door bell till you all wake up.

    Mike: Alright...

    *All burst out in laughter*

    -After 15-25 min-

    Jia Huey(his sister) open the door for "me", poor Jia Huey got to watch those boring cartoon on channel 60 while waiting for "me" to drop by. Ended up seeing 4 over energetic jokers outside her gate.

    Sara, ZY and ZW went and hide in Mikes room, only to be busted by him. Thought he would come to the hall 1st, then I can "drama" a bit, so much for a surprise.

    Mike's face looked something like this when we told him we came just for fun

    We hang around till 12am++.

    Soon, off to Ramly burger stall at USJ 4~! according to ZY that stall is "legendary" and very popular, news paper also report about them before.

    I shall say no more this post getting long already.

    Mind the blur quality, stupid camera phone night mood lousy, make the picture all look ugly...

    USJ 4 Ramly stall

    Mike, Sara and Zhiwei

    Zhiyu, Jia Huey

    Zhiyu, Me, Sara - Night mood does our face BAD!

    Jia Huey with her doggie soft toy... =.=

    Sara's car boot. Argh! It will be picture perfect
    if not because of the lousy night mood

    Last but not less~! Our very "sexy" CG leader~! Mike~!

    With his striking "wise man" pose

    To: Sara, ZY, ZW, Mike, Jia Huey, if u all want the other pictures please let me know thanks, sadly many of them are blur. =(

    Thats all for today, have a great week ahead, ciaoz~!

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    SK said...

    oits.. hey just a personal opinion, but try smiling in photos for once, that emo style of dead look doesnt suit u...TRUST me