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  • Tuesday, March 20, 2007

    Other Residence

    Long time ago in a land(the place I stay) where only humans dwell, now has become a lair for other creatures.

    Left: Oi, Right: Wei
    Well, thats what I call them

    Cats sleeping on my neighbour's shoe rack. Two years ago when I moved to Bangsar, they(the current cats mother) climb into my house and slept at the balcony.

    Where is their mother you ask me? I have no freaking idea, maybe dead somewhere already.

    As days goes by, the cats increase in numbers(yes there are more) and became bolder, they no longer need that smelly shoe rack.

    Wah lao! Now can road block ledi, think you are what, lion?

    You might say
    "ceh cats only ma, so normal, what so big deal about it?" Here is something you will never expect.


    You better believe what you just saw, it is a matter of time this little dude will 'botak' the grass around the area I stay.

    If you don't know what is that, do your self a favor and jump off the tree head 1st.

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