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  • Thursday, March 29, 2007

    "Dei, Kurang Manis La..."

    Few day ago I drop by my old time favorite mamak stall - Maju & Maju.

    The place has change a lot since last year, new blue plastic chair, surround sound system for their TV, older workers had been replace by newer ones and you can no longer get 2 piece of 'papadam' when you order rice. =(

    As usual I sat at the same table that I always do.

    -The waiter walks over-

    Me: "Dei, kasi kopi-o-ice kurang manis satu." (Hey, give me ice coffee less sugar with no milk)

    Waiter: "Kopi-o-ice kurang manis." (Ice coffee less sugar with no milk.)

    Me: "Dan roti kosong banjir." (And roti canai with the sauce poured on it)

    Waiter: "Kopi-o-ice kurang manis dan roti kosong banjir?" (So is it ice coffee less sugar with no milk and roti banjir?)

    Me: "Ya." (Yes)

    -Few min later, the waiter walks over with a rather not familiar cup of drink on his hand-

    Me: "Dei, kopi-o-ice bukan teh ice la." (Hey, I said coffee with no milk not ice tea la.)

    Waiter: *Shows his tulan face & walks off*

    After some time the food came. This is one of my favorite ways to eat roti canai, with those yumm yumm
    'kua' already poured on, save time and trouble.

    As I was enjoying my coffee, I notice something...


    He ended up giving me more sugar then usual.

    Blardy new worker...

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