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  • Sunday, March 4, 2007

    "All The Best To You Hikki(Utada Hikaru)"

    Moments ago, I was about to post something else, then Jin told me via MSN that my idol - Utada Hikaru a.k.a Hikki was officially divorced with her husband - Kiriya Kazuaki.

    The news was a sudden.

    I could not believe Utada would divorce with her husband and at this stage of her life.

    She is only 24 years old.

    "Though divorce is a pity, it was good that we have met each other" - that is what we talked. As a creator and a dear friend, we hope we can continue watching the growth of each other.

    What is wrong with the world today? Sad case here, there and everywhere... "In 2005, Utada was listed as the person who pays the most tax in Japan. This is the equivalent in Japan of the 'rich list' (as the amount of tax payed is roughly equivalent to the amount of money made) Stars' actual incomes are kept secret, which is why the amount of taxes paid is used." So rich, yet so poor - in area of relationship.

    Well all I can do as a fan is just dedicating this entry to her and just hope she will find better things ahead. At less this divorce ended in peaceful terms.

    To read more about the divorce, visit here.

    Her latest single - 'Flavor Of Life' available here, don't worry, just click on it,
    no need download, no need to wait, click then it will automatic play.

    And if you want to know the meaning of the song, here it is, some say that in her song 'Flavor Of Life' she gave hints that the divorce was about to take place, try find out and see...


    Ku-ku case!! said...

    she's only 24?! i mean, it feels like its been ages dat she's been in da music scene..wow..well good luck in whatever u do utada hikaru!

    Jin said...

    ku-ku case!!:

    Her first album was under the stage name Cubic U and it was released when she was 13. She released her first single under the name Utada Hikaru when she was 15 and she became famous overnight.