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  • Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Results Experance

    Note: Short post about results day, I will update my Genting trip later at night.

    SPM results came out yesterday, mum collected it for me cause I was still in Genting. Over all I am happy with what I got, but my BM cost me unable to enter Form 6 as planned, even my add math got higher grade then BM!!! What the hack happen...

    To cut the story short, I almost needed to resit my BM paper and enjoy another 1 and the half more years of holiday.

    You count la, now only March, May or Jun Form 6 starts by that time(Jun) I got to resit paper, October results come out, November school holiday, and on May or Jun 2008 is only the next Form 6 intake.

    A book with forms inside, something you will
    have to buy from them if intend to retake

    I meet two crazy year 2005 students from Catholic High School. Mum and they had a conversation that sounded like this.

    Mum: You all also retaking BM paper?

    Crazy Dude 1: Oh no, we are students of 2005, we wan to take SPM paper again for the challenge.

    Lifeless.... =.=

    I don't understand the Jawa writing, but I could guess since it is
    written in front of the JPNS building entrance

    Anyway, mum changed her plans, so I will be going to college~! =)

    As to which college, I am not sure. So stay tune to find out.

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