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  • Sunday, February 1, 2009

    Good Old CNY Lesson

    This year was a more fruitful year compare to last year.

    I'm not talking about the amount of 'ang pau' I received, I noticed that as you grow older, you get lesser, I don't know about you guys, but that is for me.

    I've been out almost everyday, catching up with friends or visiting relatives, it was a rather relaxing time for me.

    Being able to take a weeks break from the hectic college lifestyle was a bonus.

    Long journey ahead...

    This year, for the 1st time I hang out with my paternal side of the family, indeed, it was very different from what I've experienced on my maternal side.

    On my maternal side, gambling was not that popular, we do play card games, but axe the cash.

    On the other hand, for my maternal side, CNY = gambling time, but not everyone gambled though.

    The 1st thing I saw when I entered my aunt's place was 2 'majong' table, even before the food was served, the casino open already..

    Being a none majong player, we hit the cinema at 1U, watched a good old Hong Kong comedy and laugh our arses off.

    After movies, we went back for dinner, and still, the game was on. I couldn't not bare it anymore, I don't wan to just sit and watch TV.

    In my mind, I thought maybe we could play a none gambling style card game, so I made the call, "got cards?".

    And there was the cards, when we sat down on the floor, immediately my brothers took out around RM50+ and placed on the floor.

    I was like "oh shit...", sure lose like crap if they are playing big, but I cant say that I don't wan to play if got money involved, some more I was the one that made the call!

    So I complied by taking out RM10 from my wallet as my base as a sign "small only", besides its CNY, once awhile gamble, quite fun also la.. :P

    Good old 'black jack'.

    Smallest bid - RM1, highest - your wish.

    Spotted at Pulau Ketam, still using old Bahasa..

    My eldest brother Gary was the dealer, soon from 4 players, it grew to about 8+.

    My bid was RM1 at 1st, but cannot tolerate the slowness, and I kept winning! But in my heart I know no one is going to get rich by gambling, I made a deal, if all players increased their bid, then I will only do so.

    As soon as I was the last RM1 bidder, I increased it to RM2. If dealer strikes the x3 or x2 from their winnings, it means I'll lose RM6 instead of RM3, and that was a lot, considering I only had a base of RM10.

    Pulau Ketam cat are very playful...

    But life was good, I began to reap a harvest of almost RM40 profit and increasing even more.

    Gary was losing big time.

    When the amount of players increased, he lose even bigger time.

    Not long after, Sharon(his wife) stepped in after seeing so much of cash flowing out to us "little fishes", she became the dealer instead, and Gary just pump in the cash.

    I was hesitant, half my heart says "profit time!", the other half says, "money is the root to all evil". I was glad I did not increased.

    Although I was on the verge of doing so, I placed my bet "all in", it was RM8, if dealer strikes the x3, I'll have to pay RM24 compensation, its so much of money, its not funny.

    Thank God, as she gave the cards, one of my cards accidentally flipped open! It never happened to anyone else as far as the game goes. Like a sign from above, I withdraw from that game immediately.

    And the cards were dealt.... Dealer strikes the 5-cards-in-a-row-without-going-above-21.. x3 compensation to all! =O

    Holy cow!

    Absolutely speechless....

    Lesson, don't be so greedy, and I'm glad I don't have to learn it the hard way.

    Nevertheless, this CNY was good, and I've enjoyed every single bit of it.

    One last story before I put the fullstop.

    My young cousin sister around 6 years old I think, she asked her dad(my uncle), "Daddy! daddy! How to play?"(referring to the game of 'black jack')

    My uncle replied, "Oh! Very easy wan, this game you just put money, and more money will come back to you, don't need to know how to play."

    Gosh! My uncle's a genius!

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