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  • Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Half Full or Half Empty

    Hey guys, I'm sorry I know that I am lacking of updates lately.

    I will pick up the phase soon, as for now, my mind has wondered away to somewhere due to a certain distraction.

    Trust me, the best updates are yet to come!

    Featuring my law drama presentation, Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical at Istana Budaya, 'Made With Love' food promotion flash back, Fandi's birthday surprise bash(you will be able to see the things behind the scene my friend!) and many more!

    I just have to find around 4-5 hours to bring my thought of words together.

    French test just ended today, I'm glad that I was able to do it, thanks to Ting Ting for the notes, merci beaucop!

    But my road ahead ain't a walk in the park, still got so many more assignments and assessments to go.

    Have any of you felt this way before, even though something is over, the same thought still haunts you, telling you that you can do better here and there...

    Darn, I know the fact its over, but sometimes humans just humans, we cant help but to have the thought flashing in our minds.

    People often say, "forgive and forget"..

    Forgiving is what I can and will do, but to forget?

    That has take a lot of time..

    Holding grudges are just bad for the heart, I'm still learning, one step at a time.

    I often ask God, "why do I always have to be the good person? Can I be the bad one for once?".

    Obviously, I said that out of just sheer sadness.. I believe everything happens for a reason.

    And behind every reason has a lesson to be learned!

    Hence I will not stop learning till I'm in the box.

    No, I'm not a nerd if you think I am~ :P

    But wisdom, perception and understanding gives me great power.

    I begin to have vision when I have knowledge, and I can foresee the odds in front of me, it satisfies my soul to break opposition strategies, I have no idea why..

    I like winning I guess? Who likes to lose anyway? Hahaha... But if I do lose, I will try not to whine like those school kids playing dota in the cybercafe a baby.

    Remember, every thing that happens has a reason behind it.

    If a tribulation cant kill you, it will surely built you.

    More to come soon! I will further on my stories next time~

    Now, off to Ridzuan condo to do some work... :(

    Take care guys, see ya!

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    Luan said...

    u look so funny in the photo... the want u wearing a cap 1..