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  • Friday, December 19, 2008


    I was walking at Point-B Departmental stall one Sunday.

    Why was I there???

    Because I really have nothing else better to do...


    I saw this really nice colored guitars on display.

    The 'purple' guitar is actually pink! Camera not very good ma...

    Then I saw this little signs on the top of the guitar.

    With a big 'NO'

    I went up closer to take a look.

    You wan to sell guitar, but cannot play?? So how to test the sound??

    That is like a food stall showcasing their food menu but the stall keeper comes up to you and say "all these are for display only, no buying allowed!"

    Come on... Give me a break!

    What next? "We sell 'mee goreng' but without the 'goreng'?!?"

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