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  • Wednesday, December 24, 2008

    Last Day At Dessert's Bar

    After today, I don't have to wake up so early and get my ass to work.

    After today, I don't have to tolerate countless hours of jam just to travel down to KL for work and back home after that.

    After today, I wont get screwed by my supervisor for being 30 minutes 5 minutes late to work.

    After today, I will be able to bump around till the end of my holidays have to start writing my industrial training report.

    After today, I will be few hundred bucks richer.

    After today, I wont have my free cup of coffee everyday.

    After today, I wont have the freedom to "sample" my favorite ice cream/sorbet anymore.

    After today, I wont be able to go for the Friday bazaar and get my favorite 'nasi kukus pandan with ayam goreng rempah'.

    After today, no more 'satay ikan', 'soup rasem' and those other healthy/unhealthy food alike for lunch.

    After today, I'm free.

    After today, I will become a full time student again.

    After today, I know what I had learned in this pass 3 months wont go to waste.

    After today, I learned how not to be deceived by the looks of a person and their early stage behavior.

    After today, I believe I have either changed for the better or for the worst.

    After today, I learned that I can never please everyone no matter how hard I try.

    After today, I know no matter how hard one tries to be a "good person", someone will just see you as a "bad person".

    After today, I wont be that "nice" anymore~ :P

    After today, I will miss this place.

    After today, I will look back and reflect the lessons I've learned from time to time.

    After today, I will try my best in whatever I move on to do in the days to come.

    After today, there will be a better tomorrow!

    After today, I only have 12 more days till new term starts!!!!

    See you guys in college soon!!! ;)

    Darn, I miss that frigging LCS... =/

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