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  • Monday, July 7, 2008

    Brand New Toy

    Hi people!!!

    Its been really long since I post my updates, I'm sorry for the super long delay, my PC was dead and I don't have the internet for quite some time.

    But now, everything is back to normal, blogging resume to normal phase!

    There is only one problem now, my old pictures are all in my other PC's hard disk, I've yet to plug it in, hence I'm unable to upload all the previous photos I've taken.

    I'll need some time to catch up on all those events. Will post it up once everything settles down.

    Just a slight update on whats happening at this point of time.


    And today was the 1st day of college after 3 long months, its officially a years anniversary for us batch 28 people!

    Tomorrow will be the orientation for batch 31!

    Shit, time flies...

    Now, lets see..

    Alright, I've announced that I had a new PC rite?

    Allow me to show you my brand new toy!

    Thanks to a friend of mine - SK, for coming along with me to Low Yat and help me search for the best buy.

    Excluding speaker, keyboard, mouse, DVD room and a floppy disk drive, others all all newly bought and assembled.


    This new baby has a G Force 9 512MB graphic card, 4 GB ram, 298 GB hard disk space and a Intel core 2 quad motherboard.

    Now I can edit my videos without fearing any lag and play any high graphic games!

    a really big graphic card..

    This high end baby is truly its a blessing. :)

    For the entire custom made CPU & LCD monitor, total cost is only RM 2880!

    assembled 'monster-board'

    A price like that for such monstrous assembly, its really a good buy.

    Lesson learned? Branded electronics doesn't mean its good most of the time.

    I've never dreamed of ever having such a opportunity to have such powerful PC.

    I thank God for it! ;)

    Well, that all for today, I'll update again soon!

    Take care! =D