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  • Friday, July 25, 2008

    Little Bit of Four

    Yes I know, its a really late update, I'm sorry.

    The reason behind my busy schedule was the preparation for song writing competition this coming Saturday!!!

    Its the preliminary round!! Darn I'm excited!

    But I tell you, it was like hell for the three of us, identity I'll review later:
    • The Composer-Guitarist
    • The Vocalist-Music arranger
    • The Lyricist-GM(me the General Monyet Manager)

    Nights of rushing through the song arrangement, lyrics and melody isn't easy at all...

    Sacrifices had to be made, sleepless nights, time, money, finger pain, head pain, throat pain and ass pain, whatever la, we take it all as if we were military tanks.

    I believe all the effort we put in, we will go far!

    When If we enter finals, must come support yo! :D

    Its going to be way bigger then this!


    For anyone who still doesn't know, my training has ended last month.

    Now, I'm back to college for my term 4.

    Well, so far so good, but classes are quite boring though.

    What really surprise me was the division among ourselves.

    I cant help but to wonder how come??

    Is it because of training? Such a short time, and changes took placed so rapidly.

    Maybe it was caused by "industrial fatigue"? I'll just never know...

    I really hate this sort of division phenomena, but what can I do but to just watch the effects take place daily... =(

    I guess maybe time can be the only cure...?

    The fish in student lounge also cant tahan and died.... =(

    Alright! Lets not dwell in things that cant be change, lets talk about some other stuff!

    I was forced chosen to become the assistant class representative.

    The hell?! Its a frame man!! I set up someone to be class rep in return I became the assistant... Guess every dog has its day.. T.T

    Why me!!!

    Fine, so be it..

    Just when I thought everything was over, Me and a few others got picked to enter some public speaking competition...

    Karl Wong's classic moment caught on camera!

    I'll freak out when I'm on stage, NO WAY in the world I will enter that competition, but I don't wan to compromise my presentation standards just because I wan to escape..

    Argh Why me!!!

    It all happened in one day! Lets see what will catch me by surprise again next time.

    Till then, take care people! :D

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