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  • Friday, July 11, 2008

    'Salvation Mission' - Saving Friends Girlfriend

    Crap la, I got other things to blog about, but my old PC hard drive is not connected to my new CPU yet..

    I guess this leaves me to blog about those things some other time. :)

    Anyhow, there was this incident that happened yesterday, and I would like to share it with all of you, it has been through permission request.

    Therefore I'm able to blog about it.

    I was somehow drawn to be part of the 'Salvation Mission'.

    Character: GF - girl, BF - my friend.

    Yet another sky picture by me, this is a simple one.. :)


    -3 Days ago-

    One fine morning, GF's mother told her that they will be having branch together at 11am.

    She woke up, and found the mother watching DVD drama, GF gently remind her mother that they are suppose to go for branch.

    "Don't disturb me! I'm watching my drama!" was the reply she got.

    Not wanting to get into an argument, she walked off.

    2pm, she again remind her mum the time for lunch, only to get a similar reply, "Go away! Don't disturb!".

    6pm, GF was fuming, she told her mum this time with a slight louder tone, her mother replied in fury, "Why didn't you tell me earlier! So late already!". GF stomps off.

    -2nd day-

    GF woke up much later then yesterday, 2pm.

    Her mother wasn't see around the house, she thought maybe mother went out for lunch and would get some for her.

    Later when her mother came back, she found out there wasn't any packed food for her.

    Instead she got a piece of the mothers mind, "serve you rite, this is for being rude yesterday and waking up so late today".

    GF does not wan to further argue with her mother, knowing she has no strength to do so.

    Mother told her to wait at the Sushi King near her place in the evening, she went and waited.

    What she doesn't know was the mother actually went to the DVD shop(again) and bought more DVD dramas! The mother "shopped" till she forgot the time and appointment with GF.

    GF was drown in rage, she told her mum she wanted to eat alone outside.

    Mother ain't happy with her decision, saying that its dangerous for a girl to be out so late, she demands that GF to come home right away! She has no choice but to comply.

    Upon reaching home, mother game an excuse saying, "your fault for waking up late, no dinner for you!". To subdue her hunger, she went to sleep early.

    Talking about abuse.. Take a look at this!


    GF called BF and tell her the entire situation, BF was darn shocked of her state and the treatment she received from her mother.

    But he couldn't do anything because he was lazy to take his license cant drive.

    Till later in the evening, BF decided to call his friend for help, which so happens to be me, and so happen also I was out with the car.

    I was stunned myself to know of such situation, hence I picked up BF around night time, and went all the way to GF's place at SS2 PJ.

    We took her out and brought her to eat after almost 3 days of starvation, everything turn for the better...

    So the girl was save! Thanks to the power puff girls a caring BF, some guy who has nothing better to do, and a car name 'wira'!


    This is a true story.

    Identity of both person are concealed due to privacy issue. :)

    Thank you for your understanding~ :D


    online lotto said...

    that's way too cool.

    MelzKC said...

    hehe.. bt not if your the girl.. =/

    Jasmine said...

    poor girl~