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  • Saturday, November 3, 2007

    Me The Service Staff

    Thanks Sara for taking pictures during my restaurant service class. =)

    One fine Saturday morning, I was all ready to perform my restaurant service.

    And my guest of the day - Sara Lim & her friend(sorry I din get her name).

    What could go wrong when everything seems right?

    Well, sometimes life hurls the curve ball at us.

    I freaking lost 9 of my meal voucher!!!


    I still have to return 1 each to Jeff and Chris, 5-2=3...

    Every hotel student will only be given 18 to last for 9 months(3 terms).

    And I haven even use 1, I lost 9 of them! Half gone!!



    Anyhow life still goes on no matter how pitiful one can be..

    Fortunately, service was good, I did not make any major mistakes that could get my ass whooped.

    I so love restaurant class compare to kitchen.

    Kitchen class is always a nightmare for me, I've never looked forward to enter kitchen class.

    Because I might end up screwing one thing or another.

    Pam, remembered u ate the fish and veg that I cooked? What you saw above its the veg you ate. =)

    I "molested" it with butter.

    French onion soup!

    Touch, Squish, rub, throw, cut whatever just name it, I did it all, because I freaking blank out when it comes cooking, I often to resolved to 'Melvin's cooking style'.

    Paris breast, yes its the desserts name, not something I made up..

    Which worked all the time, well almost all....

    Be glad Pam, you din die eating it, some more you said its nice! =P

    Lesson of the day?

    Keep in mind, your food does not look as nice as it seems when it is in the kitchen.

    But might turn out to be nice! Without even you knowing what in the world happened to the food.

    Now, don't be scared if I asked you to come for my service, I promise you wont die! ;)

    1 comment:

    Rachel said...

    Hello:) the food's making me hungry:/ owh and Paris breast??!?!?!?!?!?! hahaha. anyways, nice blog you got there:D