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  • Friday, November 23, 2007

    Streamyx Is Funny!

    I thought my English was bad..

    Not till I saw how Streamyx personal writes their report.

    It boost my self esteem in English so much, for a split second, I thought I was a graduate from Oxford University.

    Due to them writing too long, I will retype it all here, bare in mind that I type exactly how they typed on the letter, the spacing and even how many full stop, its 100% photo copy of the report.

    Enjoy. =)


    Part 1
    Cust came in just now. she claimed that someone called her from her house to her mobile phone. customer was extremely pissed off why that tech guy used her phone without her permission to make out going call. Please investigate. This incident occured at 1.15pm. Please update customer as well. Tq

    I think the fella meant customer, instead he replaced it with "cust"...


    Part 2

    Spoke with Mr.Lim
    Customer very frustrated because his problem not resolved until now.
    Informed customer that will highlight this case with technician
    Customer want we solve this problem ASAP
    Customer acknowledge

    I was reluctant to tell him my real name since he addressed me Mr Lim at start and also because it was only the 1st report, I expected them to fix the problem with no sweat, but....


    Part 3
    -tell customer that there is an internal wiring problem .customer blame technician that technician cut another parallel line and efect all wall socket.. he request for technician to come and check again...because he can only connect for a while...his name actually is Mr Teoh not Mr Lim... TQ


    Part 4

    I don't understand lo.. Call Mr Lim, spoke to Mr Teoh.. I AM FRIGGING MR LIM AND MR TEOH la!!!

    Ya allah........ -.-"

    DON'T YOU PEOPLE REFER TO YOUR PREVIOUS REMARK THAT STATED "his name actually is Mr Teoh not Mr Lim"...


    Now I know why Streamyx organization is so messed up... They don't refer to their previous report, and they so call "make a new case" out of the old wan.

    Their favorite phrase "your case has been submitted to the higher level, they will solve this problem."

    But end up screwing anything and everything.

    Higher level my arse! The only thing that will go up higher is the modem that your cheap company give us.

    I'll shove it up high into your nose!

    GRRRR!!! Tulan......

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