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  • Saturday, November 17, 2007

    Deepavali/Diwali Celebration

    Whats On My Mind:

    Stupid Streamyx finally fixed my internet connection! =D
    But I'm experiencing slow connection speed... -.- Don't know which cable they jacked my connection to this time...

    1st of all, so sorry for the super delayed update, I now officially proclaim that melzkc.blogspot.com is back on line!

    Few days ago, a friend of mine - Parvin invited us for her Diwali open house.

    Upon arriving at 'Bukit Badak' via the ever slow KTM, we noticed a total difference in scenery.

    The 1st thing we saw looked something like this.

    Lim Yin was there..

    Away from busy KL city, the streets of Klang reminds me of Melacca.

    Peaceful and quiet, lots of trees too.

    Took a couple of pictures.

    There wont be any pick pockets here I'm sure

    I even saw 2 underage boys riding motorbike around that area.

    Furthermore, another factor that might save us from being rob is because Hui Wen was there!

    With her stare of terror I bet those baddies would think twice before coming close to us.

    Soon after we arrived, Parvin's brother gave us a lift to her house.

    But the car ain't big enough for all of us..

    So cramp till take picture only got half of my face.. =(

    Arrived finally!

    We were so hungry, until I forgot to take pictures of the food, blogging was not in my mind at that point of time.

    See what I mean?

    Sorry la... But here is something I got hold of for all of you.

    A cup of Indian tea! For viewing pleasure. =P

    Yesh, lame I know...

    We had a great time of hang out, but I left early.


    Nothing like meeting up with old school friend
    after such a long time, and over eating too...

    I have another house to go to.

    Darn! What gluttony!

    Picture courtesy by Ivana

    So how did you celebrate the 'Festival of Light'?

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